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Restoring Creek Beds

The giant sequoias of Redwood Canyon in Kings Canyon National Park are one of the most spectacular sights on earth. About 1.5 miles from the popular Redwood Canyon trailhead, the trail crosses several small spring-fed creeks. Seeking the safest and most efficient crossings, hikers and horses have trampled the banks and churned the creeks, turning them into mud. Fragile habitat was damaged, crossing the creeks became difficult, and the natural beauty of the area was destroyed.

With funding from our donors, Sequoia Parks Foundation supported the reconstruction of four significant creek crossings to restore the creeks to their natural state and prevent future damage. The project included realignment of trail grades, stabilization and hardening of trail surfaces, and replanting of native vegetation along the banks. Today, visitors to Redwood Canyon enjoy more sustainable and safer creek crossings, and better access to the world’s largest grove of giant sequoias.