Artists in the Back Country

Each summer the Sequoia Parks Foundation hosts a group of artists at a week-long campout in the parks. The purpose of this program is to inspire the artists to create work based on Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks and encourage collaboration with Park Service staff towards the protection and support of these parks. With so much of the parks’ high country beyond the reach of the general public, the Foundation also supports excursions for artists into the back country of the high Sierra to create new artwork and document these travels for future use.

Artists in the Back Country – Trip 3

Participating Artists: Bill Cone, Christin Coy, Jeff Horn, Bill Keener, Paul Kratter, Richard Lindenberg, David Robertson, Robert Watters.






Artists in the Back Country – Trip 2

Participating Artists: Marsha Diane Arnold, Elizabeth Carmel, Christin Coy, David Littschwager, Kim Stanley Robinson, Jules Rochielle Sievert.





Artists in the Back Country – Trip 1

The Sequoia Parks Foundation sponsored a trip to the back-country of Sequoia National Park from July 31st to Aug. 7th. 2007. Working from a base camp located on a glacial bench of upper Rock Creek Canyon and at the entrance to Mitre Basin; a group of seven artists spent a week in one of the most remarkable locations of this magnificent mountain range; painting, climbing, writing and documenting their experiences.

Participating Artists and Writers:

Tom Killion – print maker
Mathew Rangel – conceptual artist
Shige Hara – poet / translator
Gary Snyder
– poet / educator
Zenaida Mott – painter
David Liittschwager – photographer
Alan Sonneman – landscape painter


The following people deserve special thanks for their contribution:

Armando Quintero and Bill Tweed – Trip coordinators, Sequoia Parks Foundation
Joni Badley for her culinary skills – Courtesy of Wuksachi Lodge, Sequoia National Park
Gregg Fauth and Sylvia Haultain – Sequoia National Park
Jutta Schmidt and Jett Holmquist from UCWMRS
Anand Varna – Assistant to David Liitschwager
This project was made possible by a generous grant from the James Irvine Foundation.

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